Garway, South Herefordshire  HR2 8RQ 
  The Ronaldos The popular quartet from Shrewsbury and Monmouth played a wide variety of covers.   Ceilidh with 'Stone the Crows'  This band went down very well at the inaugural Garway Folk Weekend and were once again enthusiastically danced to. The fish  and chip van was in attendance and enjoyed by everyone.   The Singing Bones by the Devil's Violin Company Over 90 tickets were pre-sold and the packed hall marvelled at this very slick and atmospheric show.    The Boogie Bop Boys An evening of rock 'n' roll and dancing led by our friends from The Forest, the Lydney Hoppers.      The Blue Herring Band with support from Matt Woosey Local blues band featuring Garway saxophonist Chris Egan. A rousing selection of upbeat blues numbers got many to their feet and dancing.  (The Blue Herring Band's new name). Matt plays all of his 250 gigs per year like they were his last - fantastic blues guitarist.    Loosehounds A distinctive fusion of roots and rock    Them Boonies, Babajack and Ragtime Ewan  All three acts came to the rescues after our original band pulled out and treated the audience - repleat from a splendid barbeque - to sets of Folk, Blues and Apalachian mountain tunes.    Pentabus Theatre present 'Tales of the Country The story of a family as they move from a terraced house in north London to a rambling grange in rural Herefordshire. This is a chronicle of hilarious incidents and compelling characters.    Whalebone  Trio from Shropshire playing a mixture of traditional and self penned rootsy folk  instrumentals on guitars and violin.    Dead Pig Project with support from Louise Richardson Lou got Garway Live! off to a fine start with selections from her album Grounded and some covers by the likes of Kate Bush, KT Tunstall and Tori Amos. Lou also explained her technique of building up the rythym track with her loop pedal. The Dead Pig Project featuring dave Wood on fiddle and Rob Lomax on guitar and vocals and Karl with a 'K' on percussion were very well received with a mixture of Robs own songs a cover or two and a couple of traditional jigs and reels.!/pages/The-Deadpig-Project/132126843553732?sk=wall
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for the best in Village entertainment
 Garway, South Herefordshire  HR2 8RQ 
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