Garway, South Herefordshire  HR2 8RQ 
  The Reactions Featuring Sam Weale on vocals and percussion. A great local covers band. Live and Let Die, Tin Soildier, Stereophonics, Tom Jones, The Commodoores… Support from Wes Greenhill beatboxing and getting the evening off to a fine start Ben Huws from Grosmont with his own songs.   Third Man Theatre - 'Stalag Happy'  Stalag Happy is the award winning play based on the true story of the artists Sir Terry Frost and Adrian Heath whilst interned in the WWII PoW Camp Stalag 383.  Stalag Happy is a real-life tale of the human spirit's ability to find art and beauty in the most terrible and unlikely of conditions.  This remarkable journey is portrayed through the use of sharp, comic, often touching dialogue - imaginative and inventive design - and a suitably nostalgic 1940s soundtrack.   Devised and performed by Edward Elks and Dan Frost (Grandson of the late Sir Terry Frost).    Ceilidh with music from Fiddlehead This was an earlier event than normal so the children could join in. The Fish and Chip van attended and was worth the wait.   Daniel Morden and Sarah Moody from Devils Violin Present Orpheus. The timeless tales of ancient Greece are given new life by storyteller Daniel Morden accompanied by cellist Sarah Moody.   Groucutt and Haynes Now known as River City Portrait  supported by The Sounds of Silence, a Simon and Garfunkel tribute -   The Roving Crows Original Celtic songs composed by singer and guitarist Paul O'Neill. 2011 Best Celtic Rock Band and Best Irish Fiddle Player in Irish Music Awards   The Dave Price Trio with Lee Goodall and Ben Thomas  Grosmont pianist Dave price pulls in some star names for a great evening of jazz. Support from Merlin Gable.   Tom McNair A super talented multi instrumentalist who, with charm and a little humour, brought us top quality musical entertainment. With the aid of a loop pedal Tom records live on stage whipping up Reggae, African or Funk rhythms using beat boxing and percussion but often just lets the mellow grooves linger a while.   Elephant Talk with support from Lou Richardson  Sarah, John and Matt skilfully combine authentically played traditional acoustic music with a wide range of electronica  including: dub, dubstep, drum and bass, trance, nujazz and techno to create a highly infectious sound. Lou treated us to a set of her own tunes and some covers with great use of guitar, loop pedal and voice.   Synergy and Compost Heap and The Singing Tree An evening of wonderful singing.   Kevin Tomlinson and Kepow Theatre Present 'The Seven Ages Of Man' Improvisational comedy.  A hilarious evening!   Cathy Jones Bossa Nova Trio  Supported by Alice and Merlin Gable. A very classy start to 2011. 
October 15th, 2011
for the best in Village Hall entertainment
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for the best in Village entertainment
 Garway, South Herefordshire  HR2 8RQ 
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