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Danny and The Daleks Grosmont semi acoustic trio BBC were on stage with a fun and festive set of well known songs performed in their own unique way followed by All star local band Danny and The Daleks with guest vocalists, Danny and the Daleks whose core members include Colin Finnie (bass), Nick Osbourne (guitar), Dave Hall (drums), Danny Chang (guitar) and Adam Adamson (violin). The idea was to get the whole community involved in a musical party and anyone who played an instrument or could sing could get up and perform with the band. Guest vocalists included Sam Weale, Russ Whistance, Helen Williams, Hattie Duke, and Gerald Benjamin. The material ranged from Punk, Rock, Country and Pop and of course a smattering of well known Christmas hits. Photographer Rosie Adamson Harris.  More photos on Facebook   Linda Gail Lewis  Yes that's right, the little sister of Jerry Lee Lewis came to Garway. Eight times married Linda performed some of Jerry's rock and roll classics along side her country repertoire. An evening not to be forgotten.   Reaction Theatre Company with ‘The Slip’. In association with Arts      Alive Described by one Arts Alive promoter as " some of the best drama I have seen in a long time" and by another reviewer as "magical - a revealing and mesmerising play," The Slip was a compelling tale of relationships, tidal waves and transformation, based on the novel Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy.  It linked present and future in exploring the story of Zoe, her marriage and her town.,     Ceilidh with Stone The Crows featuring caller Lynne Barker.  In association with Archenfield Arts. Stone The Crows went down so well in 2010 at the Garway Folk Weekend and the Garway Live! ceilidh that we invited them back. The format was similar to 2011 with an early start that enabled people to come straight on from the church based Archenfield Arts event. Catering was Squeaky Pig.  ‘Wait for the Moon’ with Carol Florence and Ben Thomas A really exciting new collaboration of 2 very talented individuals, 'Wait for the Moon', an evening of stories and music with storyteller Carol Florence and musician Ben Thomas, premiers at Garway Live! " evocative blend of sound and word exploring the delicate connections between the lyrical and dreamy, and also powerful and mysterious".    Abelwell Foundation  Superb West Midlands Reggae band.  We heard tracks from new album 'Fine Incense', past album 'Talk About It' as  well as covers by Bob Marley, Sugar Minott and Jimmy Cliff. Their unique brand of roots and lovers rock had us thrilled with a distinctive sound that demonstrates that first class reggae music can be produced here in the U.K. This new set up (3 vocalists, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards) has, according to the band, given them fresh impetus. The full 7 piece band to brought smiles to our faces as this happy and uplifting style of music wove its magic in Garway Village Hall. To hear tracks go to  and then go to the ‘Our music’  page and click the 'PopUp MP3 Player'.  Ceri Dupree   Top International Female Impersonator -  Ceri Dupree was more than a comic in a frock his singing, dancing, acting, impersonation and stand up comedy, displayed a talent that blasted the notion of "Dressing up in drag"  clean off the stage. Ceri Dupree illuminated people rather than merely impersonating women, walking a fine line between character and caricature, never being anything less than hugely funny with sharp wit, human perception and high energy!!!" Something different, certainly. A dazzlingly funny evening, without a doubt.   Red River Blues  Formerly Red Herring Blues Band this group needs to make no apologies for mixing in elements of rock, jazz, country and even a little folk. A mixture of ripping sax and harp complemented by soaring lead guitar and 'blues box' (a four string slide guitar built by Clyde) backed by the solid bass and drum rhythm section. We heard songs such as Messin' with the Kid, Little Red Rooster, Stormy Monday, The Thrill is Gone, Flip Flop Fly, Wind Cries Mary and Hoochie Coochie Man.   Flash' - the ultimate Queen Tribute Band at Orcop Village Hall  Organisers of Garway Live! along with others involved with the Jubilee celebrations in St Weonards  and Orcop organised for top Queen tribute band 'Flash' to entertain us the night of Saturday 2nd June at Orcop Village Hall. Flash put on a dazzling show.   Whitebone Productions perform Bane 2 and 3   with the support of Arts Alive A multi award winning one-man comedy with a live guitar soundtrack, Bane wass a show set on the streets of a non- descript American city, akin to a Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett novel, spliced together with a Quentin Tarrantino movie. It's a trilogy, but all shows can be seen independently or all three in any order.    Bayou Seco Guitars, fiddles, sounds from the deep south, laughter, stories. Bayou Seco came in May 2009 and had another successful visit. Ken and Jeanie are accompanied on their 2012 European tour by their 22 year old Godson on fiddle.   Red Hot Pokers Featuring past members Ned Edwards and Pete Hurley of Van Morrison's band perform a set of 1950s  American blues and self penned tunes. If anyone is googling be wary of another Red Hot Pokers. Maybe better to You Tube Van Morrison circa 2000 to 2006 and take a look at the backing band.   Irish singer songwriter Brandon Young with support with support from   Rosie Adamson and James Harley. James Harley (vocals and guitar) and Rosie Adamson (vocals and piano) are a couple of local musicians who met during secondary education. Although they mainly play individually they have teamed up to bring a set of acoustic covers with an operatic hint. Brandon Young hails from County Mayo and has a stunning and unique voice. Really, it is something to marvel at. His songs are beautiful, introspective and memorable. He is a softly spoken unmistakeable character. Long flowing straight red hair, smartly dressed and an elusive background spent street busking and gigging with traditional Irish musicians such as Gerry Carthy. You won't find much on the internet but don't let that put you off - not everyone wishes to communicate that way. Come along and hear him live - it's the best way!  China Plate Theatre presented 'You're Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy'  by Caroline Horton with the support of Arts Alive.                           One woman comedy created and performed by Caroline Horton   Trailer -  January 1945, Paris is liberated. Christiane waits in Gare Du Nord for a ticket to England where she will be reunited her with her fiancé. Whilst she waits, this gloriously irrepressible Madmoiselle recounts the extraordinary love story between her, an eccentric, acutely myopic Parisienne and a tongue-tied teacher from Staffordshire. From a chance encounter at Cheadle tennis club, their story takes us on to cosmopolitan 1930s Paris before their inevitable separation by war. A separation which she hopes, today will finally come to an end. A fond, comical and ultimately poignant portrait of one woman's experience of love and war. Storytelling with Austin Keenan and Cath Little with   musical accompaniment from David Metcalfe    'Sons of Erin - Daughter of Cymru'. Stories and songs from Ireland -ancient and modern. An evening of legendary tales of Ireland's hero-gods, the Tuatha De Danaan, as the sons of Turann struggle for honour and redemption - enchantingly told by Garway storyteller Austin Keenan. Tales and songs for the turning of the year from storyteller and singer Cath Little. And songs from Ireland's troubled history of conflict, famine and faith - performed by Bath-based folk-singer and guitarist, David Metcalfe. David's website - Cath's website  - Jeeves - Blues band Featuring Andy Hurrell on guitar, Phil Richardovich Whitehead on vocals and guitar, Mike Mann on keyboards and the two Robs on drums and bass. From Malvern, a set of own compositions and blues standards and a cover of Paulo Nutini's 'Candy' slipped in for good measure. Jeeves are now known as The Vaudeville Tramp Band -
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